Ultimate Contour

Lose One Inch or More during your First Treatment




The Low-Frequency Focused Ultrasound sound waves vibrate the fat cell’s membrane causing it to rupture. That liquid is then processed through the lymph system. The fat cell is destroyed.

As we age, the collagen that keeps our skin firm breaks down, resulting in aging skin that contains fine lines and wrinkles. ULTIMATE CONTOUR™ technology uses tri-polar radio-frequency energy to heat the deeper, collagen-rich layers of the skin, including their surrounding connective tissue and the underlying dermal collagen fibers. The applied heat causes collagen to contract, and encourages new collagen and elastin, resulting in the reduction in skin laxity, creating a smoother skin even after just one treatment.

ULTIMATE CONTOUR™ is a great option for treating most areas on the body, including:

  • Arms
  • Abdomen, flanks and back
  • Hips, thighs and calves

A circumferential reduction, with noticeable re-shaping of the treatment area.

One of the best things about ULTIMATE CONTOUR™ is that an ideal candidate is anyone who wants to look better by reducing fat off their body. Your treatment is completely customizable, and your provider will work with you to create a plan that works best for you.

The procedure is ENTIRELY PAINLESS. Patients typically describe the treatment sessions as relaxing, even comparing it to a luxurious hot stone massage.

Treatments can take anywhere from 10-40 minutes to perform depending on what area is being treated, making it the perfect lunchtime procedure!

The number of treatments varies depending on the targeted area and the number of areas treated. We recommend up to six sessions. Gradual improvement in your skin will continue even after completion of the treatment series.

Your treatment is completely customizable. Your provider will help you to achieve the best results by advising you on which course of treatments is ideal for your circumstances.

Most patients require no recovery time and can return to their normal activities immediately.

Significant results are visible IMMEDIATELY after the first treatment, and long-term results improved after multiple treatments. As new healthier collagen is formed, tighter, more natural looking and firmer skin will be produced.

The improvement in skin quality should be long lasting, 6 to 12 months on average. Some patients seek 1-2 treatments per year for optimal maintenance.

However, maintaining the results of, for example, body contouring or body tightening treatments, is also subject to a person’s calorie intake, exercise and lifestyle. So, a balanced diet, proper exercise program and healthy lifestyle will help to maintain the desired treatment effects.

No, the treatment is PAIN-FREE. A pinkish appearance at the treatment area may last a few hours, but this is strictly an “appearance” condition.

ULTIMATE CONTOUR™ is an aesthetic procedure. Insurance providers typically do not cover elective cosmetic treatments such as ULTIMATE CONTOUR™. We encourage you to check directly with your insurance provider.