Ultimate Contour

Patients Lose One Inch or More in One Treatment



Before & After Photos

 “One of the latest entries in the growing non-invasive fat market is Ultimate Contour with a low frequency Ultrasound. Its trifecta of unique benefits are quick visible results; no discomfort at the treatment site and no consumables costs. It has become our treatment of choice for non-invasive fat reduction.”
– Barry DiBernardo, MD, FACS

“I’m so excited to have met Joni and Twelve Twenty Eight! I struggle with multiple autoimmune disorders that make it challenging to lose weight. I’m only half way through my body contouring treatments and have dropped from a size 14 to a size 6 or 8 depending on the brand. It is amazing to see such a huge transformation. I’m starting to feel like my old self again and haven’t had this much confidence in a long time.”
– Suzanne Heeran, patient of Dr. Joni Collins Ricketts

“I have had the opportunity of using this system since its’ release. In considering purchasing any system, I seek the highest intersecting point of safety and efficacy. The Contour System is easy for my Staff to use, and consistently provides realistic results that my patients seek. In comparison to other systems, it is not uncomfortable for the patient, and very safe to use. Our Quantificare Analyses show ongoing improvement with each treatment. I have no hesitation or reservation in giving the Ultimate Contour my highest recommendation.”
– Greg Chernoff, BSc, MD, FRCSC

“Gotta love it when a device empowers not only your patients, but also changes your practice for the better! I kid you not, this device is the gift that keeps on giving. I grew up as a ballerina. I also did sculpture in many mediums. With the Ultimate Contour I am able to transform a ballerina! I also feel like I am literally sculpting art. I have witnessed decreasing of scars and have seen telangiectasias vanish! Ultimate Contour is a game changer! In sixteen years of practice, I have never seen a device deliver immediate results CONSISTENTLY!”
– Dr. Joni Collins Ricketts, Founder of Twelve Twenty Eight